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ALPHA 30/4C 30-Inch Industrial Exhaust Fan
11,200 CFM, 4 Steel Blades, Actual Weight 80 lbs, 2 HP, 9.6 Amps

1.150 RPM, 230-460 VAC, 3 Phase.

Rugged Direct Drive Sidewall Fan with 4 Steel Impeller blades designed to be embedded in wall.
▫ Venturi style panel with tubular motor support structure built with Heavy Duty 12-Gauge steel for durability. Adjustable motor base.
▫ Side perforations simplifies installation.
▫ Front perforations helps mount Guard (not included).
▫ High Efficiency / Low Noise Air Circulator.
▫ Air Exhaust, Supply or Re-Circulation fan.
▫3 Phase motor (230-460 V)
▫Applications: Wherever hot or polluted air needs to be removed from or fresher air needs to be supplied to.
▫ A low cost air moving solution for Warehouses, Schools, Hospitals, Generator Rooms, Boiling Rooms, Stables, Dairy Farms, Barns, Poultry farms, Greenhouses, Sewage Plants, Elevators Shafts,  Tunnels, Parking Lots.
▫ ON SPECIAL ORDERS: Customized versions available with
Hazardous Environment Resistant motors and impellers.

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